Use of Marble and Natural Stone and Its Place in Decoration

Marbles are calcareous metamorphic rocks composed of limestone under the influence of pressure and geological processes that have developed over hundreds of years. The presence of various minerals and fossils enables marbles to form in different colors. This process and development from nature to our living spaces constantly encourages us to use this material and expand its boundaries. Each new block, each new pattern, and color manages to fascinate and excite us again.

The first and principal use of marble was in architecture and sculpting. Marble is a material with a very strong crystal structure and porosity. It is also used in different industries due to its chemical properties.


This unique material has been one of the most sought natural stones for centuries. It was used to build everything from Michelangelo’s statue of David to coffee tables in our homes today. The idea of having a natural beauty like marble in living spaces has further increased the usage area of this material.


Usage in Kitchen, Bathroom and Outdoors

Marble is a material that can find its place in every space with its flexibility and beauty. This unique material often plays a leading role in tables, coffee tables, and decorative products, as well as in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors. There are some important points that we should know when we decide to use marble in our living spaces. First of all, it should be noted that the technical and aesthetic properties of marble should be suitable for the place where it will be used and evaluated correctly. This material, which has a very wide usage area, should be included in living spaces without contradicting its nature.


Marble kitchen counter, which is a very old practice, is still highly preferred. Although it may seem like the right material due to its durable structure, it may not always make you happy. Especially when light-colored and highly absorbent marbles are used on the kitchen counter, the stains that may occur on the counter will need to be cleaned constantly. This will often be impractical. In addition, the marble used must be resistant to high temperatures. Today, various surface treatments are carried out to prevent the marble from getting stained and scratched. However, since these applications create a very smooth surface, they can lose the naturalness of the marble and give the impression of ceramics. But it can be an optional solution. Diabase stone in kitchen countertops is a highly preferred material due to its resistance to high temperatures and less absorbency. Scratches can also be minimized when using matte surface finishes such as scrubbed or honed.


The use of marble in bathrooms is one of the most preferred applications. This material, which is quite luxurious and stylish, is the right choice for those who want to create a calm and peaceful environment in the bathrooms with its naturalness. You can bring nature to your bathroom by choosing a sink made of diabase stone. The thing to note here is that the marble used on the floor should be a matte finish surface instead of a polished, slippery surface. If a polished surface is to be preferred, care should be taken against possible accidents.

Marble can also be preferred outdoors. It would be a better choice to use a matte surface finish in outdoor areas as well as in bathrooms. Diabase stone is the right choice for outdoors and gardens. This special stone, where you can achieve a unique harmony in nature, soil, and green areas, will delight you with its durability and usefulness for many years. Marble tables used outdoors should be located in places where they will not be exposed to too much sunlight. The polished marble surface may lose its unique patterns and fade because of being affected by sunlight.


Table, Coffee Table and Decorative Objects

You can add marble to your living spaces with marble tables, coffee tables, and decorative products used in interior design. Our sculptural marble coffee tables, which are our priority products as Studio Mohs, are the best examples of these decoration elements. In addition to coffee tables made entirely of marble, unique products made of wood, metal, and brass are also highly preferred. You can reveal the beauty of marble coffee tables and tables by simplifying other elements in the place where it is used. You can use your choice of colored materials in favor of marble in spaces. If you think that marble will create a heavy and classic atmosphere, you can choose a modern coffee table or a simple dining table with wood. If you want to include marble in your living space but want to use it less, you can choose marble decorative products, serving plates, lighting, or objects.

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural materials we can have in our living spaces. The quarrying and production of marble, which enables this unique material produced by natural processes to reach our homes, is a very difficult task carried out with care. It is necessary to be aware of the processes that this material goes through to reach our living spaces and it should be evaluated accordingly. As we understand the value and beauty of this material, its place in our lives will become indispensable, and if we use it correctly, it will stay with us for many years.

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