Meet Studio Mohs

Studio Mohs is a creative design studio based in Istanbul searching for different design experiences in a living environment. The works involve furniture and products combining old material with modern style and inspired by basic shapes that create clean aesthetics.

Zeynep Saz

Founder & Architect

Laçin Bezirci

Interior Architect

The Story

The meaning of Mohs is the hardness and resistance scale of minerals. Related to that, the beginning of a journey starts with the intimacy with marble and stone. The origins of Studio Mohs is coming from a long time experience of marble quarries. Years of working with this material as “Demirtas Mining Company” has evolved into furniture, interior, and product design. The journey from nature to our living spaces has begun with the sculptural and completely marble coffee table designs produced in the marble factory in Alanya.


Take a close look at the materials Studio Mohs uses.

Green Diabase

Diabase, also known as dolerite and microgarbo in the literature, extracted from the Alanya-Demirtaş quarry. It is a volcanic stone with high hardness. Structurally, it is close to granite and basalt stone. It reveals a green and homogeneous color with its fine inclusions resulting from crystallization with medium colored basalt stone. This stone, which is extremely resistant to harsh climate and stress conditions, is suitable for outdoor use. It is long-lasting and does not experience problems such as fading and cracking as it is used. It is also used in decorative objects, indoor-outdoor furniture and sculptures.

Sky Blue

The Sky Blue marble originating from Alanya-Gazipaşa has orange-green and gray-blue veins on a white background. It can give varying colors and patterns depending on different cutting techniques. It is a translucent marble and provides light transmittance. Sky Blue is a preferred marble for interior applications, table and coffee table designs, lighting and decorative products.

Golden Night

The Golden Night marble from Alanya-Gazipaşa has white and gold veins on a black background. It can give varying colors and patterns depending on different cutting techniques. Black-white or gold selections can be found. It is almost a natural work of art with its unique patterns. Golden Night is a preferred marble for indoor book-match applications or for tables and coffee tables.

Toros Black

The Toros Black marble, which is extracted from Alanya Demirtaş, is a highly demanded product in interior designs with its white vein transitions on a black background and occasional light brown tones. It can give varying colors and patterns depending on different cutting techniques. It is frequently used in indoor floor or wall applications and table and coffee table designs.

Oak (Natural / Black)

The oak tree, which grows in every region of the world, grows in our country with 20 different species. It is mostly found in the forests of the Marmara region. Oak, which is a very durable tree, is a long-lasting material due to its dense texture. It is one of the most preferred wood species for furniture.